Bach. Goldberg Variations. Variatio 9


July 09, 2016


Bach at my side, Goldberg Variations


Variatio IX is a canon at the third, written in 4/4 time. It is written for 1 keyboard only. The great advantage of playing this variation on a piano is the possibility to give a different sound to each part, even when they’re both written for the right hand. Doing this would be impossible on a harpsichord or an organ. This is one of those times in which playing Bach on the piano actually helps Bach’s music, because it allows to show details of the composition that otherwise would be totally unheard.

I’m using the repeats to show the soprano voice in the first instance and the alto in the repetition. The alto voice comes at a lower third, after the soprano. By showing a voice at a time, it is possible to underline their extreme simplicity, while the left hand keeps a constant movement.